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Custom Sports Ring - ojZx7JJcvgOziAqqKl88ju6-

Size Guide
Ring Type H02 [Ring Type] x1
Metal Finish (H02) Blackcast [METAL] x1
Text Color Gold [Text Color] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Top) IRON BEARS [Bezel Top Text] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Bottom) CHAMPIONS [Bezel Bottom Text] x1
Stone Color (H02) Red [Bezel Outer Stones] x1
Ring Top: Icon Type Custom Icon [Logo Type] x1
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Url - https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/2234875968/signature-champions-6596474667072-afIiRZIuck5QWskDmWzrGMVf.png
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Instructions Please try to round the bottom of the head area in the logo. The inside of the ears are supposed to be silver like the face but it was removed when i removed the background. [Custom Top Logo Instructions] x1
Left Side: Custom Text (Top) DFL CHAMPIONS [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Left Side: Middle Design Metal Number
Left Side: Metal Number 21 [Side 1 Middle Text] x1
Left Side: Custom Text (Bottom) PRINS [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Right Side: Custom Text (Top) PHANTOM NO MORE [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Right Side: Middle Design Sports Icon
Right Side: Choose Your Sport Basketball
Right Side: Basketball Icons (Gold) 0
Right Side: Icon Color Gold
Right Side: Custom Text (Bottom) 12-7 [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Inside Engraving No
Ring Top Size 3XL [ring_size] x1
Finger Size 10.5 [finger_size] x1
_image https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/2234875968/orders/signature-champions-6596474667072-U195u5_7dLUsej8dRTxOJecx.png