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Custom Sports Ring - h6nqINietG_BjaV-HreEF8pf

Size Guide
Ring Type R20 [Ring Type] x1
Metal Finish (R20) Silver Lasium [METAL] x1
Text Color Silver [Text Color] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Top) STATE [Bezel Top Text] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Bottom) CHAMPIONS [Bezel Bottom Text] x1
Stone Color (R20) Clear [Bezel Outer Stones] x1
Ring Top: Icon Type Custom Icon [Logo Type] x1
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Url -
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Instructions Please have the outside of the logo with Maroon Coloring instead of the orange around the logo if possible. Also Just the logo and not the black background of the logo. [Custom Top Logo Instructions] x1
Left Side: Custom Text (Top) TORNADOS [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Left Side: Middle Design State Icon
Left Side: State Icon Color Silver
Left Side: State Icons (Silver) New Jersey
Left Side: Custom Text (Bottom) 1998 [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Right Side: Custom Text (Top) CARABALLO [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Right Side: Middle Design Sports Icon
Right Side: Choose Your Sport Baseball
Right Side: Baseball Icons (Silver) 8
Right Side: Icon Color Silver
Right Side: Custom Text (Bottom) OF [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Inside Engraving No
Ring Top Size 3XL [ring_size] x1
Finger Size 12 [finger_size] x1