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Custom Sports Ring - Dh04XtwYTJ5EDEHZhavAvK77

Size Guide
Ring Type F01 [Ring Type] x1
Metal Finish (F01) Gold Lasium [METAL] x1
Text Color Gold [Text Color] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Left) National [Bezel Top Text] x1
Ring Top: Custom Text (Right) Champions [Bezel Bottom Text] x1
Stone Color (F01) Red [Bezel Outer Stones] x1
Ring Top: Icon Type Custom Icon [Logo Type] x1
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Url -
Ring Top: Custom Icon Upload Instructions Can you please make sure that the horns on the logo match up the same n the actual design. Thank you " [Custom Top Logo Instructions] x1
Left Side: Custom Text (Top) Jimmy Keys Jr [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Left Side: Middle Design CZ Filled Number +$20
Left Side: CZ Filled Numbers +$20 20-29
Left Side: CZ Filled Numbers (20-29) 20 (20)
Left Side: Custom Text (Bottom) CB [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Right Side: Custom Text (Top) North Texas [Side 1 Top Text] x1
Right Side: Middle Design Sports Icon
Right Side: Choose Your Sport Football
Right Side: Football Icons (Gold) 3
Right Side: Icon Color Gold
Right Side: Custom Text (Bottom) Bulls [Side 1 Bottom Text] x1
Inside Engraving Yes (10)
Engraving Line 1 Jimmy Keys Jr. [Inside Band Engraving Line 1] x1
Engraving Line 2 Rookie Season [Inside Band Engraving Line 2] x1
Ring Top Size 3XL [ring_size] x1
Finger Size Send me a ring sizing guide - no extra charge" [finger_size] x1